Archivo del 1er SASE
Marzo de 2010
Facultad de Ingeniería
Universidad de Buenos Aires

Workshop mbed

Lecturers: Lucas Chiesa, Joaquín de Andrés.
Organizers: Lucas Chiesa, Joaquín de Andrés, Club de Robótica FIUBA.

To introduce the mbed kit to Argentine engineers and markets, in a fun
manner, running an autonomous line-follower car race. As it is not possible for
the attendees to design and build their own cars during the workshop, they are
presented with a standard and already built platform, with the necessary
electronic and mechanical components and an mbed as "brain". Their task is to
design the algorithms and program the mbed to drive the car along a line in the
fastest possible way.

The only requirement is to know how to program in C (and a basic notion of
Object-oriented Programming), and due to the ease of use of the mbed kit, in 9
hours they are able to have a working car.

Building the cars:
As many people wanted to participate in the workshop, we needed a lot of cars,
25 in fact. Building on the experience gained designing line-follower cars in
the "Club de Robótica" (Robotics Club), and with the help of its members we were
able to produce a reliable and quite polished platform. The 25 cars were built
in one month (including the acquisition of all the materials), and this process
is summarized in the following video:

Vídeo de YouTube

The course:
The workshop is 9 hours long, distributed in 3 days. The first three hours are used to
introduce the mbed, making the attendees write small pieces of code, using
different peripherals. This section also includes an explanation of basic
line-following strategies and a description of the car they have. The second day
the attendees are separated into groups and is dedicated to the programming of
the algorithm designed by themselves. The last day they have one more hour
to optimize their programs, and the last two hours are used to race every car
against each other.

Vídeo de YouTube

The race:
The race is the motivation for the students. The rules are very simple, and
loosely based on the NATCAR [] race. The race
track has one lane and is equipped with an infrared barrier used to control a
chronometer. Each car has three opportunities in the track, with time to make
modifications between each try. The winner is the car that makes the best time
(not the average of the three opportunities). Here's a short video of the race,
which includes interviews with some participants.

Vídeo de YouTube

The future
Due to the success of this workshop during SASE, we are now planning to take it
to more cities in Argentina and South America. Maybe we will be adding some more
features to the cars to be able to try new and exiting things.

Race results
  • Group 02: Miguel Goldstein 00:39.467
  • Group 13: Gabotti, Diaz Ramos, Villareal 00:43.592, 00:44.719, 00:44.471
  • Group 03: Alejandro Touron, Miguel Angel Mei, Ariel Dalmas di Giovanni 00:48.129, 01:00.572, 01:01.322
  • Group 12: Diego Gonzalez Dardo, Martín Baudino, Santiago Pérez, Guillermo Steiner 00:48.917, 00:49.423, 00:49.668
  • Group 19: Federico Bonino, Marco Alvarez Reyna 00:50.187, 00:50.281
  • Group 18: Ignacio Funes, Gaston Rodriguez 00:51.181, 00:51.846
  • Group 05: Matias Alvarez Suarez, Sebastian Fernandez, Walter Dario Vera 00:51.352, 00:53.264
  • Group 07: Dario Ramirez, Leonardo Aguirre, Fernando Borjo 00:51.491, 00:52.385, 00:53.233
  • Group 15: Victor Baldassi, Valentin Lunati, Ezequiel Vizuara, Natan Kohon 00:52.731, 01:01.411, 01:03.147
  • Group 10: Agustín Locastro, Carlos Javier Balian, Juan Perino 00:59.884, 01:19.806
  • Group 06: David Caruso, Salvador Tropea 01:03.877
  • Group 11: Juan Manuel Reta, Gonzalo Cuenca, Dario Vargas 01:46.277
  • Group 16: Andrés Aguirre, Edgardo Vaz 01:46.569, 02:07.431, 02:40.227
  • Group 08: Miguel Sofo Haro, Sandra Medina, Juan Pablo Di Giullo 02:00.342
  • Group 17: Santiago Reyes, Viterbo Rodriguez 02:04.741, 02:05.196
  • Group 01: Alejandro Brusa 02:06.448, 02:06.448
  • Group 21: Juan Picerno, Ken Tenzer 02:48.452, 03:07.974
  • Group 04: German Reula, Herman Haimovich, Fernando Ceaglio No times
  • Group 09: Ana Diedrichs, Matias Aguirre No times
  • Group 14: David Juarez, Juan Pablo Pra, Santiago Pagani No times
Unfortunately this list isn't complete, we apologize to the attendees that don't
are listed here.