How do you prototype a new idea with MBED on a protoboard

Disertante: Joe Bungo, ARM Ltd., USA.

This聽1.5 hour hands-on workshop displays the power and flexibility of the ARM/NXP mbed platform and tools. With the falling costs and increasing complexities of processors, microcontrollers are becoming cheaper, more powerful, and more interactive. MCUs are now truly solutions looking for problems, where anyone could conceive a microcontroller application. The problem until now has been turning the idea into a prototype quickly and experimenting with the technology. ARM and NXP has changed this with mbed, a rapid prototyping platform designed to simplify getting started with microcontrollers. Using a web based compiler and a very simple drag-and-drop interface, applications are developed without the need for expensive tools, and a new user can write and execute a 芦hello world禄 program in about sixty seconds.

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