Call For Papers

CFP 2020: CFP CASE2020

Due to the current situation of public knowledge about COVID-19, the Argentine Congress of Embedded Systems, CASE2020, will be held virtually.

Format of the manuscripts categories:

Information for all categories (Article, Technological Forum, Report)

  • All three categories (Article, Technical Forum and Report) have the same format: two sheets plus biography, in Word or Latex (Bibtex).
  • CASE uses double-blind method for revisions, so THE MANUSCRIPT SUBMITTED TO THE FIRST REVISION SHOULD OMIT AUTHORS’ NAMES AND FILIATIONS, AS WELL AS THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT SECTION. The text in these sections should be replaced by letters X so that they occupy the same space.
  • When uploading the manuscript to Easychair, do not enter the title with ONLY UPPERCASE, capitalize it at the beginning of the sentence and in the corresponding words or acronyms, for example: Application of an FPGA in the re-engineering of a RAM memory.
  • After uploading the manuscript to EasyChair, if any modification is needed, correct the manuscript already entered instead of registering a new manuscript. EasyChair registers each uploaded PDF with the date it was uploaded. Take special care to match the title in the PDF with the title in the Easychair upload since the latter is used for the generation of the manuscript index.
  • If the manuscript is accepted, the authors should send the poster to, with subject “CASEXXXX Poster N” where N is the manuscript number and XXXX is the year of the event, in size A1 ( 594mm x 841mm) as a single page pdf file and less than 2 MB in size for its publication on the CASE website. PDF images must have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi.
  • Authors should include in their posters the indicative heading of the congress and topic (See images provided below). A background of their choice can be added to the body of the poster.
  • Each author must print their own poster. Posters divided into several sheets are not accepted.
  • This conference is subject to IEEE plagiarism standards; please read here.  Authors cannot submit to CASE works published or presented for publication in other places.