CASE 2020

Due to the worldwide situation of public knowledge regarding the COVID-19 virus, the Argentine Conference on Embedded Systems, CASE2020, was held virtually between August 24th and August 26th.

Accepted papers in ‚ÄúArticle‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúTechnological Forum‚ÄĚ categories were invited to submit an extended version of their work for review and possible publication in the International Journal of Embedded Systems or in the Elektron Journal.

Participating in CASE is completely free. It includes the publication of the works in the Congress Proceedings (with registered ISBN) and in the CASE website.

See the Call for Papers CFP CASE2020 and the corresponding information for authors.

Technical Committee

Permanent Organizing Committee
‚óŹ Dra. Luciana De Micco (UNMDP/ICyTE/CONICET)
‚óŹ Mg. Diego Brengi (INTI/UNLaM/FIUBA)
‚óŹ Dr. Maximiliano Antonelli (UNMDP/ICyTE)
‚óŹ Ing. Federico Zacchigna (FIUBA)
‚óŹ Dr. Ariel Lutenberg (FIUBA/CONICET)
‚óŹ Mg. Facundo Larosa (UTN/FIUBA)

Topic Chairs:
‚óŹ Bioengineering: Eng. Juan Manuel Reta (UNER)
‚óŹ Embedded Linux: Mg. Ing. Sergio Burgos (UTN-FRP)
‚óŹ Embedded Software: Dr. Leticia Seijas (ICYTE-UNMDP)
‚óŹ FPGAs, HDLs and ASICs: Eng. Salvador Tropea (INTI/UTN-FRBA)
‚óŹ Implementation of Embedded Systems: Dr. Julio Dondo (UNSL) and Mg. Cristian Sisterna (UNSJ)
‚óŹ Processor’s Architecture: Eng. Alejandro Furfaro (UTN-FRBA)
‚óŹ Communications and protocols: Eng. Ignacio Zaradnik (UNLaM)
‚óŹ Robotics: Eng. Claudio Verrastro (CNEA)
‚óŹ Wireless communications: Dr. Andr√©s Altieri (FIUBA-CONICET)