Argentine Conference on Embedded Systems (CASE)

CASE is a congress on embedded systems that takes place within the scope of the Argentine Symposium on Embedded Systems (SASE), since 2011.

Every year it receives dozens of research and development works, in different categories.
The presentation of works is completely free including the publication of the works in the Book of memories of the Congress (with registered ISBN) and on the website of the event.

CASE has a panel of reviewers from universities in Argentina and the region that contribute their valuable knowledge. So also with a panel of specialists in each area “Area Chairs” responsible for coordinating the reviews. It should be noted that the review process is double-blind peer review.

All accepted papers are presented during the Poster Session and featured papers are invited to make an oral presentation as part of the SASE Tutorials.

CASE topics of interest:

  • Bioengineering
  • DSPs  (Digital Signal Processors)
  • Embedded Linux 
  • Embedded Software
  • FPGAs, HDLs and ASIC (Programmable Logic Circuits and application specific integrated circuits)
  • Embedded Systems Implementation
  • Architecture of microprocessors 
  • Protocols and communications
  • Robotics
  • RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems )
  • Wireless communications


Permanent Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Maximiliano Antonelli (UNMDP/ICyTE)
  • Mg. Diego Brengi (INTI/UNLaM/FIUBA)
  • Dra. Luciana De Micco (UNMDP/ICyTE/CONICET)
  • Dr. Mariano Garcia Inza (FIUBA)
  • Dr. Ariel Lutenberg (FIUBA)
  • Ing. Federico Zacchigna (FIUBA)

Previous Editions: