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General guidelines for all categories:



Technology Forum



3 pages, size A4, PDF file maximum 1 Mbyte



CASE Proceedings

Invited to IEEE Embedded Systems Letters and Elektron


CASE Proceedings

Invited to Elektron

CASE Proceedings


Evaluation criteria


ORIGINAL content that deserves to be reproduced or an elaborate work that has an impact at least in Latin America.


Interesting work with less originality requirement, with national impact, e.g. thesis.The criteria are the same as the article, except for originality and regional impact. 


Preliminary, ongoing, progress, or final degree projects. Fewer criteria are applied for acceptance than for Technology Forum. Intended for researchers with partial results, initial stage projects, and student work.


English or Spanish

English or Spanish

English or Spanish

  • Manuscripts in Spanish and English are accepted for all categories.
  • Manuscripts should not exceed 3 A4 size pages, including the bibliography.
  • Information on format and templates: IEEE_templates.
  • CASE uses the double-blind method for reviews, therefore, the first version of the manuscript (before acceptance) authors’ names and filiations should not be included, as well as the acknowledgements section should be deleted if any.¬† The text in these sections should be replaced by letters X so that they occupy the same space.
  • All accepted manuscripts must create a poster following these instructions: Poster format.
  • CASE adheres to IEEE anti-plagiarism guidelines. Manuscripts must not simultaneously be submitted to another journal or conference.
  • Images should be placed in a suitable resolution and according to the A4 format.
  • References columns should be balanced, neither text nor page numbers should be added in the top or bottom of the pages.
  • It should be verified by the authors that the page size is A4.
  • The manuscript text must be clear, coherent and written in Spanish or English.
  • In addition, if the work is selected as “Outstanding”, the author will be assigned space for oral presentation.

Manuscripts submission process

  1. Goto to the folowing url: 
    (You can also use but some institutions  do not allow dynamic dns or display a warning page).
  2. Create an account: ¬†Click on “Create an account”.¬†

  3. Verify the email sent ( don’t forget to check spam folder).
  4. Access the website  with your username (email) and password.
  5. Add your work with the “New submission” button, and follow instructions:
  6. The system allows you to submit a DRAFT first. To send your work for review, change the checkbox ‚ÄúThe submission is ready for review‚Ä̬† an then ‚ÄúSave and Submit‚ÄĚ button.
  7. For any problem send an email to

Participation modality:

CASE strongly recommends attending its congress in person, as direct interaction among attendees is essential to fully take advantage of the experience and enrich academic and professional exchange. However, we are aware that certain circumstances may make it difficult to attend in person, so a virtual participation option has been made available.

Videos: presentation of the work of between 8 and 10 minutes. The video should be subtitled so that it can be understood without sound. They will be played during the event and included in the CASE channel.

Posters: A1 size poster with a design chosen by the authors. It will be hung throughout the event. A poster session will be determined in which the authors must be present to answer questions.

Oral presentation: presentation of the work in 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes of questions. The exhibition will be held in person within the SASE sessions.