During the Rebuttal stage authors will have access to the current state of their
reviews and have the opportunity to submit a response to them. Please keep in mind the following during this process:

  • A single file should be uploaded through easychair. It should consist of both, the response to reviewers and the corrected version of the manuscript.
  • In case the authors update the submission, it should not include the information of the authors, nor the information of their affiliations or any acknowledgment.
  • The response must state clearly any modifications included in the updated version of the manuscript.
  • The response must focus on any factual errors in the reviews and any questions posed by the reviewers. It must not provide new research results or reformulate the presentation. Try to be as concise and to the point as possible.
  • The rebuttal period is an opportunity to react to the reviews, but not a requirement to do so. Thus, if you feel the reviews are accurate and the reviewers have not asked any questions, then you do not have to respond.
  • The reviews are as submitted by the PC members, without any coordination between them. Thus, there may be inconsistencies.
  • The program committee will read your responses carefully and take this information into account during the discussions.